Thursday, April 23, 2009

Special Delivery

Ryker Emmett Garn is now officially a member of the family. He was born on Wednesday, April 15th 2009 at 2:22 p.m. He weighed 7 lbs. and 5 oz. and was 20 in. long. He was 5 days late so I was induced it only took 6 1/2 hrs flat. I have become a pro at the pushing and he head was shaped perfectly because he wasn't in the birth canal long enough for it to get cone shaped. The labor was pretty typical except that I went from a 4 to a 10 in exactly 1 hr. He is not much of a crier, only when he wants food. He did have some spitting up problems his first week and we almost had to take him to PCMC for an upper GI, but we switched to a nonlactose formula yesterday and he is doing better, so I cancelled the appt. We will see what Dr. B thinks next week and go from there, but I think he is going to be just fine. He has not spit up once since yesterday, YEAH! Everyone is loving having him here at last, even Lleyton. Maddie, Alex and Easton are still fighting over who gets to hold him, unfortunately Maddie is home sick this week with Influenza B and an ear infection. We are hoping that keeping her quarantined will limit the number of other kids who get sick.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun

I have a ton of pics of course, but tried to limit it to just my favorites. We had a great time at G and G Gus'. Mom always spoils the kids and it was so nice to be able to relax and play cards. And we didn't even have any kid fights!! Sunday went well also, it was my last sunday before the babe comes. I am a little nervous about leaving my primary kids for several weeks but know that they ladies helping me will do a good job. We spent sunday evening at the G and Garns, it was so nice to be there by ourselves, without all the crazy cousins. Jake and I hid Easter eggs in their huge yard, and the kids had a blast finding them.

What a weekend

Well I was hoping to have a nice relaxing weekend, and spring break, with my kids before the baby comes, but of course that is never the case. On friday, Jake left to take Alex skiing one more time and before he had even got on the slopes, back at home, Easton bit through his tongue. I was to panicked to unhitch Jakes truck and trailer so my sweet neighbor buckled him in her van, while I prepared to leave Maddie home alone with my 3 yr old, Lleyton. Luckily my other friend Yuriko showed up in the meantime and offered to leave her daughter and son to help out. She made sure they had lunch and everything. I am so greatfull for these amazing woman in my life. Anyways the bleeding was out of control and he kept spitting it in a plastic cup like a boxer might do. But it was just so much blood, I was getting sick looking at it, and I have a pretty strong stomach. The instacare docs sent us to primary so off I went. Poor Easton was so brave, he finally stopped crying, but didn't want to swallow so we went through countless numbers of gauze pads that day. I finally got a really good look at it, and wanted to cry. I know how bad it hurts just to bite it a little bit, but this was 1/2 way back on the widest thickest part of his tongue. It was a perfect 1/2 moon from side to side and was very deep, it looked like cutting through a raw steak, blood oozing out annd all. Jake finally decided that the snow was crappy and to come meet me at PCMC. I was very gratefull because I could hardly hold him Easton on my prego lap and the baby kept kicking against him. Plus I knew if we had to sedate him that I would need his help. Finally 4 hrs later and 4 nurses and 5 docs later the last dr. said he would be fine. I was a little irritated because everyone else up to that point was preparing us for the inevitable it seemed like and they even brought the IV nurse in iwth them, and then the Head ENT doc. said, without hesitation, that he would be fine. I was very nervous about infection and all that but greatfull he wouldn't have to have stitches. He was so cute, he didn't want to tell anyone what happened and so he said he couldn't remember. He didn't eat anything for almost 48 hrs. and barely drank, I have never smelt breath that bad before in my life. I told him that is what a pirates breathe must smell like. He made us a little nervous because he was sleeping so much and basically missed out on all the Easter fun, but when we got home Sat. night he drank some slushy finally and decided that drinking was okay. Then he told me how it really happened, He fell from the monkey bars and hit the teeter-totter on the way down with his shirt in his mouth, He asked if he was in trouble. I said no, because that could have happened to anyone on wet monkey bars, but I was mad that he was sucking on his clothes. However it probably saved hom from bitting it all the way off, and then the dogs would have just ate it. All in all he is doing better and it is amazing how quickly it is healing. Sorry no pics he wasn't really interested in posing for pics.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Random pics

Maddie and I were sick of all the boys at our house on Confrence Sunday, so we locked ourselves in the Bathroom and did our hair and makeup. For those who know Maddie, this was huge. She hates getting her hair done, usually. But lately she has wanted to do makeup and get dressed up. So I am definetly taking advantage of it. Easton and Lleyton wanted in on the pics too, enjoy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Almost there

So I officially am due in one week from today. There will be no pics of my belly, because it is not so pretty naked after five kids. I don't think I will make it to my due date, which would be a miracle since all the other boys were at least 10 days over. I am miserable and in constant pain. this kid never stops moving, litteraly. Jake says it's from all the Coke Zero I drink. I am having major anxiety over his name, we still can't agree. I want Ryker and Jake wants Emmett. I doubt I will post again until after the baby comes, so you will have to wait and see the outcome just like us.

one last run

So we made it up to D.V. one last time. It was a great day, Dan and Tracie came with their kids and Papa brought Libby. It wass a beautiful day, I just sat outside and watched everyone. We all got racoon burns, ecspecially Alex. We couldn't stop laughing, if I had more energy I would have taken a picture. Easton was thrilled because Grandpa took him on Little Kate, just like all the other big kids. He did awesome, and Papa was so patient, even when Easston didn't want to get off the mtn.

Success at last

So after a year of trying, off and on, Lleyton is now finally Potty Trained. And just in the nick of time, since the baby will be here any day. I just had to take these pics of his cute little tiny hiny. We're still working on getting him to just stand up because he won't touch his own penis to push it down and I am getting tired of the mess. But his insists that he has to sit like a mommy. Oh well at least I will only have one id in diapers now.

Lleyton turns 3 !!

We are so excited that Lleyton is 3 years old now. He is so grown up and has no problem keeping up with his brothers. He loves them and is always imitating them. He loves baseball and can throw up a ball and hit it all by himself. He talks so much and knows so many big words, it's scary what he picks up on sometimes. He is my the mama's boy, and usually I love it. I know he will gow out of it soon so I am going to take it while I can get it.

Grandma knows how much the boys in our family love B-Ball, they had to even open it and go play out in the freezing rain/snow that night.

Typical boy, the look on his face says it all. I hate clothes of any sort MOM!!!

These boys their Papa, and Lleyton loves his Hot Wheels. I wish the face was clearer because it is priceless.

His candle flames didn't last long, he was too excited. And I had to document the wonderful scabs all over his face. No pics for a while until it goes away.