Thursday, April 24, 2008

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My Montage 4/24/08

Intro to the family

Lleyton is our youngest and just turned 2 . He is a cute little fart, but very active. He must have taken notes on Alex and Easton while he was waiting in Heaven, because he acts and tries to do everything they do, and usually more, and then wee end up in the hospital for stitches. Not even, kidding, seriosly at 2 yrs old he has already had a quarter size peice of his thumb ripped off in a treadmill, we had a skin graph for that one. A huge gash over his eye, only need glue luckily and now he just cut his head open at Alexs' first bball game, he is fine , 7 stitches later. pics to follow.
Maddie is 9 yrs old, and in 3rd grade. She has a very special spirit and has been blessed with many problems, but more importantly, many strengths. She just received student of the month because her teacher thinks that she has more courage, perseverence, motivation and love than any other person she knows. I think she is dead on. We are so proud of her for her hard work, even when things are difficult for her. She recently had some seizures and has had testing to try and locate the source, but have found none. She was very strong and brave through all the tests and doctors visits. pics to follow

Easton is 4 yrs old and attends Smart kids Preschool. He is a pain to get out the door but never wants to come home once he is there. He is finally getting the hang of writing his letters and he loves to be read to, which Maddie and Alex both take turns doing. He loves transformers and building with blocks and Legos , he has a wonderful imagination. He has the best laugh and smile.

Alex is 6 and is loving school, mostly that it is almost over. He is a beautiful artist, thanks to his Great Grandpa Gus. He loves sports, all kinds but this year he worked on karate and b-ball. He is so excited to start a new season with pee wee's and even better it's on the RED SOX!!!! He has been a sox fan since he first watched " Fever Pitch" . Alex is also a beatiful singer and loves to do tricks on his bike.

Tucker is a 2 yr old Padderdale(terrier mix from england). He is the cutest little thing. He hates the water but loves to dig and is very rambunctious.

Harley is a 4 year old yellow lab, she was the runt but not any more she loves the snow and water and is so good with the kids.