Tuesday, June 23, 2009

crazy days of summer

Friday we had a great time with our neighbors the Seth, Melissa, Mykelle, and Trey Scott. We BBQ and then set up air matresses out on their deck and grass. Alex started the night off with a fantastic rendition of " The Beast" fromthe movie Sandlot. He has the whole thing memorized and he does it with such seriousness and gusto. Then we roasted mallows and had smores. Easton didn't quite make it through the whole night. Lleyton and Ryker slept in on the couch because they had fallen asleep just after dinner. We really roughed it by bringing out movies and DVD players so that we could have an outdoor movie night. It really was alot of fun even though us parents didn't get much sleep. Somehow Trey ended up on the grass and had to be put back on the matress and Alex yelled out something in his sleep, and then the raindrops that would come and go, whaat FUN!!! Seth topped off the fun the next day by making us french toast for breakfast.

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathes day honey, we all love you so much and hope you love your new work out gear.

wheeler farm

We had a great day last week with my sisters and cousin Brit, Jake even came, which made my life easier. I think he has a better understanding of when we say, "we do these things for our kids", that we really mean it. We do things with our kids so that they can have experiences not so that we can sit and talk. We chaed kids all over the farm that day. enjoy the cute pics.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lleyton goes to preschool

Lleyton started preschool on tuesday this week. He goes to Smart kids Preschool just like the other boys did. They love ms. Allisa (Melissa), she lives next door and is a great friend and teacher. We have been very lucky to have her, my boys are not the easiest to deal with. I was getting Lleyton ready and I told him to go get his tennies and he came back down stairs with his flip flops, A.K.A. spiderman slippers, his too small orange hat, and his spiderman back pack, and an apple that he found I don't know where. He is the cutest thing ever, I love his personality!!

Rykers' Blessing

Ryker Emmett Garn was blessed on Sunday, June 7th 2009. It was a horribly rainy day, but the spirit warmed everything up. I am so greatful to a wonderful husband who can hold the priesthood and uses. Jake is a wonderful Dad, he has gotten so much more patuent and loving with our 5 kids. He loves them so much that he complained the other day that it takes forever to feed Ryker at night, it took him over an hour. I told him it only takes me 20 min. flat. I know he is probably playing with him as he tries to feed him and he gets him all wound up and thats why he has a hard time getting him back to sleep. I sit in my dark closet and don't talk at all to him, he practically eats in his sleep when I feed him. Speaking of Ryker he just turned 2 months old, and he is the cutest happiest thing ever. He loves to laugh and has started cooing at us and making sounds with his tongue. It is precious, and Jake loves that he is home more and gets to experience it this time around.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Soaring Eagle Awards

Alex recieved the Soaring Eagle Award at school today. We are so proud of him. Each grade has a list of things that they expect the kids to know and do throughout the year. In first grade they had to complete 15 out of 20. Alex did 17. Not everyone is diligent enough to earn this, so congrats to everyone who did!!!

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

I know there are a ton of pictures on this post but Abbey did such a good job and they were all so cute. We had a great time at Aunt Bev's pool up in Morgan. We reminisced about our visits there with Jamie and laughed at the goofy things our kids did. The only way we could get Lleyton and Libby to go down the slide was on Jakes back and Easton was definetly the bravest when it came to jumping off the diving board.