Thursday, August 21, 2008

" Happy Birthday To Me !!! "

Since I am so luckily to share my Bday with my identical twin sister Tracie, I wanted to wish her a Happy Bday too. She just had her 4th baby on wednesday night. The pics are so cute. She looks just like all her other kids, she is such a tiny little peanut though. Any ways just wanted to tell Tracie how lucky I feel to be her Sister. She once made me a pillow that said, " I am so glad to be your Sister, too bad there's nothing you can do about it." I don't think I ever wanted to not be her sister, except maybe our senior year when she was under Lisa' nasty spell, but truely, I could not ask for a better friend. That is the one thing that I cherish most, knowing that I always have her to rely on. If I had had more time I would have scanned some of our baby pics but my scanner is pretty crappy anyways. Just so you know , we were the cutest twins on the block j/k!! I remeber when we would fight and Mom would tell us to go t our room, which we shared, and fight it out untill there was blood (I finally understand my moms reasoning fofr that after haveing my own kids). Well we would really try hard to go down and hate eachother, but inevitably we would end up laughing and wet our pants instead, we never had good bladder control when it came to laughing :) Then there was the time she threw my hand carved wooden squirrel that my grandpa dyer made for me against our wall ( it was during one of our fights and she knew how much I loved it) and broke it's leg off. Mom made her fix it, but it was never the same. I have sooo many wonderful memories I could go on and on and on. I know you're all wishing you had a twin right now too, come on just admit it. Tracie thank you for being my friend, and keeping me in line, even when I didn't know I was out of it. I love you more than I can honestly express, not only are you my sister you are my best friend. XOXOXOXOXO

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stake Lagoon Day

So we had our annual stake lagoon day on thursday then 7th and it was awesome. The weather was perfect, not to hot, with a nice breeze. It did make lagoona beach a little cold, but the kids still had fun. It was great to be there with just our little family. I am so irritated with the pics, because my camera got jammed so I couldn't zoom in or out and it and it wasn't focusing properly, uugh!! I was so frustrated.And yes there a lot of pics of Easton and Lleyton because Jake took Maddie and Alex to do big rides so I didn't get very many pics until later in the day of them.

We ended the day with a round of mini golf very fun. The kids were fun to watch

Lleyton was such a cheater we couldn't help but laugh. He thought he was hot stuff

Alex on bumper cars

Maddie on bumper cars

Easton did the best by far on the bumper cars, and Alex was mad because he thinks he is the big race car driver.

They were laughing so hard when they all bumped into eachother that they couldn't get themselves unstuck for a long time

Maddie tried really hard on every hole, total concentration!!

Dad and Alex waiting for the Bat

Maddie on the Bat

Lleyon and Dad on the Dino Egg Drop, this was his favorite ride

Dad and Easton on the Egg too.

Alex and Maddie on the Lady Bug drop

Easton on the Red Barron

Lleyton on the Red Barron

Lleyton and Easton on the cars

Lleyton and Easton on the Helicopters. Note Easatons' cute hair, because I took him to sports clips to get it cut today and the girl butchered it and is so short now.

Lleyton and Easton on the boats, which was the longest wait of the day. We waited longer than it took to go on the ride.

Alex and Easton at the entrance

We dumped our stuff off at the stake pavillion and headed right for the log ride, because we were clear in the back anyways. There was no line yet since they had only been opened about 10 min. and no one had made it back that far yet.

Dad and Easton and Lleyton headed for rattlesnake rapids right after the log ride, we got soaked, and I mean soaked. I never dried out, my clothes were still wet even after we spent 2 hrs at lagoona beach.

Dad and Maddie, waiting to get wet. I don't now how but Jake managed to get the least wet of us all. I was so wet it was beyond looking like I just wet my pants. I looked like I fell in.

Lleyton on dumbo

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn Release Party

O.M.E. I don't even know where to begin. It was the funnest night ever. We started out having an Italian meal (of course), at Marcis' house. Thank you to her for all the great fun. Then we vamped up, see pic below, and then left to get our instructions from B & N about what activities we would be handling. It was awesome, Tara and I and a few other Twilight Moms, were in charge of the " Charlies' werewolve hunt". It was a word scramble in which there were 44 letters on different colored wolves throughout the store, which they unscrambled. It was great fun. I didn't attempt the Bouquet toss, way too many screaming preteens. But it was awesome when all the twilight moms who volunteered got to go to the front of the store to get our books first. Tara and I were the first ones out the doors with are books. Oh happy days. I drove Edward fast back to Marcis' house to get comfy and stake out our reading spots. I won't spoil it for you, but it is tear jerker. It gets a little sketchy at times but is worth it in the end. I officially read it in 21 hrs. It could have been sooner but I had to come home and be a mom for a little while. It is now 11:45 pm on august 2nd and in the last 48 hrs I have only had 9 hrs of sleep. I am feeling so vampish right now because I am not even tired, I am to exhilarated to be. So if someone reads the book and wants to chat, throw me a line or two!!! And for those of you who have not started, do not get frustrated just keep reading. Steph M. is brilliant and by the last 2 chapters I realized that some of the rambling and boring parts were actually very important. So pay attention. and Happy reading of course too. Get a tissue box before you sit down.

Below is a couple pics of me and my girls who are going to Forks next month. Kriselle is Rosalie, Amy is Alice, I am Tanya, and Tara is Hiedi. I was going to go all out and go Strawberry blonde, but I new it would just end up pink on me. So I am just Tanya attending the wedding, OOps spoiler alert!!, and Tara is the Volturi "fisher" who goes and gets the helpless and confused human tourists from Volterra and brings them down for the feeding frenzy. She made her jacket herself.

The cake was made by Tara, the women of many talents, it was red velvet with marshmellow fondant. I looked like blood soaked cake when we cut into it, very appropriate for the occasion. I forgot that we did a wedding toast when we got home from B & N.