Friday, August 14, 2009


Our July trip to Yellowstone was Fabulous!! The weather was perfect everyone got along we had oodles of fun and we got to see G and G Dyer. These pics are in reverse order but you'll get the idea. Tracie booked us a cabin at Macks Inn we took bikes and a Four wheeler, we went on walks, played games had movie nights it was awesome. We spent one day in Yellowstone, we saw some great animals and watched Old Faithfull explode. Johnny Sacks cabin was just down the street from ours and it was really cool too. The highlight was the last day when it was finally somewhat warm enough to run the river. It took us three hours and alot of rowing to get 5 adults and 11 kids, 1 raft and 8 tubes, but it was a blast.


It's no secret that the Garn boys can run fast, and Alex has certainly inherited that talent.He ran with the South Valley Track Club this summer, he loved every minute of it, we were so proud of him. In all he received 9 ribbons, WAY TO GO ALEX !!!!