Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're Off !!

We are headed out for a 10 day cruise with the Garn Family, see you when we get back, Bon Voyage!!

Happy,Happy Birthday, Alex Dear !!!

So Alex Finally turned 7. He celebrated for nearly a week. Now he will be counting down to 8, he really wanted to be baptized this year. Anyways, Jake and I are doing mommy-daddy dates with our kids this year (as seen on Jon and Kate plus 8, our fams fav. show)Alex hadd a whole list of places to go and things to do that he posted on the fridge, even before my birthday. I had to look at it everyday, all day long. He finally choose to go to Boondocks, he loves racecars, so this was a perfect activity for him. Then on friday G and G gustaveson picked him up for dinner at Macaroni grille. He thought it was so fancy, because there was "Paris" music playing. And he loves going to restaurants because he loves the "take home chef". Food is definetly a list topper for him. Mom said he wass in awe at Build-a-bear, and was totally dead serious about his wish. Then they went home, and he wanted Dad to play air-hockey with him. Later my Mom found him in a trance with the Bose headphones on watching Transformers on their big Screen. The next morning he went to some egg shop with Dad and Uncle Ian, and then met Jake and my Mom for the Byu game. And it doesn't even end there, then on Sunday(5 days into his bday celebration now) we had my family over for his and Bostons' Birthdays. It was fun, and exciting and crowded but all worth it. My family is everything to me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forks Trip Pics

So I had over 100 pics from the trip, so your lucky I decided to post only the best ones.

The Motel we stayed at made up a Bella Suite for us it was all black and red, even in the bathroom and patio it was fabulous!

We stopped at Ruby beach on the way into Forks, Stunning!!

Dew drop Inn

City of Forks sign. The 101 highway runs right through the center of town and they literally only have 1 stop sign

Tara and I at the Hoh rain forrest

hanging moss

look at how the roots all intertwine

the moss on the tree was almost 5 in. thick

the twilight moms line of cars to get into the rain forrest

pacific pizza, we took up the whole place, this only shows about 1/3 of our group

Bella Italia

Tara and I at Michaels Divine, it was good food but it took them 3 hrs to serve all 60 of us. It was a very small restaurant across from Bella Italia

Lunch on 1st beach, in La Push, Wa.

Enjoying the smell of the ocean

The Swan Residence

City Hall and police station, the city had a guest book and has been collecting names for over a year. They were super accomodating the entire weekend.

The Cullen House mailbox

This is actually a Bed and Breakfast, veru cute place

Esmes' letter, he he!!

Totem pole in front of the Ak A Lot center, where we watched the wolf dance

Forks High School

Quillayute High School, connected to Forks H.S.

Forks Hospital, Dr. Carlisle Cullens parking spot

These are the Alabama sisters, and yes they came all the way from Alabama. They rented a silver Volvo and everything. I think out of all of the tm's they had the best time.

This picture doesn't even do justice for the Hordes of Twilight Moms and other visitors who came to 1st beach for the bon fire.

this is the cutest little indian ever, it made me miss my kids, ecspecially since Alex had called me that moring crying, saying that he missed me, Oh my heart broke!

Wolf Dancers

She was only lilke 5, maybe and she knew all the steps of the dance

Sign welcoming us to La Push, everyone should visit this little Indian Village, it is right on the ocean and is beautiful.

View of St. James Island, no wonders Alice thought Bella was dead when she saw her jump off the cliff

View towards 2nd beach to the south

Group of Army boys that Tara picked up on. only 3 of us are married in this picture, me and can you guess the other two?

These are the sweetest girls in the room next door who stayed up late and helped me with the jewelry, they were life savers.

As you can see it was a pretty interesting trip. I definetly want to go back. But not as a Twilight Mom, just my family as tourists.


So you all know by now that I am a Twilight addict. I have enjoyed reading and rereading the books several times. I mean honestly can we ever get enough of Edward Cullen! So when my friend Tara asked to go to Forks, WA with herhow could I refuse. I couldn't believe jake was actually letting me go. And while I am on the subject I just have to say how pleased I was with Jake while I was gone. The house was clean, the dishes done, and he even started the laundry. Not to mention that all of the kids were still alive when we got home. I started this journey about 4 months ago. We formed a group, which eventually grew into 60 women, and we wanted to make it a memorable trip for them. Which we are glad we did because the other 4 groups of twilight moms going had nothing fun planned and we felt sorry for them. To truely understand the weekend let me explain what we did for the group. We made charm bracelets and at every meal we gave them a new charm to add to the bracelet. They were all of the faces of the main characters from twilight. super cute, but we couldn't just stop there we also had a small bag with an item that represented the character charm they were getting ( Bella and Edward: Sparkle spray, Esme: whistle, Carlisle: first aide kit, Jacob: hand warmer, Emmette: gummy bears, Rosalie: comb, Alice: Poncho, Jasper: mood ring), if you haven't read the books you won't understand the significance. Then we made name tags and small schedules, which everyone stuck too. We also played several games over the 3 days including the "Dazzle" jar. Which allowed people to someones name in the jar if the had Dazzled them. Then we got them gift bags full of themed items, i.e. First night on Isle Esme, cooking with Edward, pregnancy cravings, the meadow, etc. It was a lot of fun but a huge headache collecting all of the items. But it was worth it for the woman who won. I would say I enjoyed the trip but I would be lying. Washington was absoluetly magnificent, words cannot describe who beautiful it is. Forks was exactly as I immagined it, they had a lot of fun playing up the weekend for all of us fans. However I didn't get enough sleep before the trip, We drove for 18 hrs. Then Barely slept While we were there trying to finish jewelry to sell at the bday celebration. then drove home for another 18 hrs. I did finally start to enjoy myself after the vendor booth was closed. We went to the Quillette ind res. for a wolf dance and bon fire on 1st beach. It was fabulous, they were so welcoming and the beach was great. My friend Tara got friendly with some army boys, and well what happens in Forks stays in Forks. Nothing too serious though, it just reminded me how glad I am to be 31 and 20 anymore, and how fortunate I am to be in love with Jacob, there are a lot worse options out there. Anyways I hope you enjoy the pics on the post below. And yes I am half asleep in most of the pics and car sick from driving with 2 maniac drivers, so please don't judge the pics with my face in them. It could have been alot worse.

Where I Belong ?

You Belong in 1985

Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

Friday, September 5, 2008


This week has also been one of much reflection for me. We found out that my Favorite Uncle Eldon died last friday and today is the anniversary of my best friend Jamie and her daughter, Alexis' death. I wanted to do this post not only for my kids to realize how important these people were in my life but so that I also can use this blog as a tool when my memory fades. I loved going to see Uncle Eldon and Aunt Deon when we were visiting my grandparents in California. Aunt Deon is my Grandpa Dyers Sister. They have treated us like there own grandkids, literally. Because before they had kids, they would always take us out to Bullwinkles when we came. Which besides the beach and cabin was the highlight of our trips. And my funniest memory with Uncle Eldon was when we had gone to my Grandpas school, he was a high school principal at Blackford H.S. in San Jose, and when we came out Eldon and Deon were waiting for us. Eldon had found a shopping cart on the parking lot and put Ian in it and was push him around at illigal speeds for a shopping cart. I can't believe he didn't crash! Jake and I were thinking about how fortunate we were to have been able to stay with Eldon and Deon when we went out for my Grandparents 50th anniversary. We had some good times and were so gratefull for their hospitality.

Jamie Grundy-Finnerty was not only my best friend but my 4th sister. Jeez I am already crying. Even after 2 years it is so hard for me to think about her without crying. Not because I'm sad, but because I feel like I missed the opportunity to know her better as we got older. She was the girl on the street that every one was friends with because she was so sweet and so nice and nonjudgemental. There were so many family trips were it was just asumed that Jamie was coming because she was literally a member of our family. I remeber my Dad taking her a Brecka to the church parking lot to practice driving and the accordian practices that I would go with Kathy to. I was so jealous back then that she could play a musical instrument, because I have no musical ability at all. Even though we drifted apart during high school, she had her drill friends and we had our own group of friends, we never stopped loving eachother. I remeber her baby shower and watching Alexs' flip in her stomach it was amazing. And that was the begining of her amazing journey as a mother. She has 2 more kids now Caitlyn and Ethan and they live in Arizona still. Jake thinks I am crazy but I have kept her funeral paper in my drawer and I doubt I will ever throw it out. I don't want to forget her ever. I am so glad she has Alexis' with her in heaven, they were so close and it had to end it was the perfect ending, here on earth at least. I will cherish the moment that I see her waiting for me and my sisters. I think of the reunion often. Jamie, thank you for being the Angel that the Gustaveson Family needed.

Fun Fridays

So every Friday the ladies in my ward do something fun with our kids. We went to the Zoo last friday and it was so nice and cool. Alex took his clip board and drew pics of all his favorite animals. He is getting really good. Notice Maddie holding Lleytons' new harness, LOVE IT !!! It was so nice not to have to take a stroller that no one sits in anymore. And what can I say about Easton. He is the stinking cutest kid ever.