Sunday, February 27, 2011


It has been a long day my kids don't like me very much, but I am officialy caught up. I didn't think about the order when I started so they are totaly random, as I came along pictures in the files. Sorry! Also I just wanted to get done so I'm sure there are alot of errors, just ignore them. And don't get started unless you have lots of time, because their are about 25 new posts and even more pictures than that. I am glad I did it, it was fun to remince about the past couple of years. I feel like now that I am caught up it won't be so daunting to keep up with it, I hope at least. Enjoy!!!

San Diego 2010

This was a trip we desperately needed, and we enjoyed every minute of it. My side of the family goes to the same camping site in Cardiff by the Sea, Ca. every July. We can't always go but love it when we can. This year was ecspecially nice because really only Ryker needed tending too. The boys spent countless hours perfecting their body surfing and Alex, his Tan. I loved the train waking Ryker up every morning at 6am so that I had a reason to get up and walk along the beach each morning. Okay I did make Jake get up a few mornings. There is something about the beach, the coll mornings with the fog trying to lift. Or the sound of the waves breaking, the birds, the sun peaking through. I don't know but I was made for it. Even Jake agreed that if we could afford to live there He would. It was sad to come home, litterally Alex and Easton were sobbing when we left. But we have the next trip to look forward to.