Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gotta love Dogs

We catch Tucker staying warm at Harleys expense all the time, and today Jake comes running down the stairs with the camera so that he can get a better shot of them. Tucker has a shorts but thick coat, obviously not thick enough to keep the cold out though. We only catch him sitting on her in the winter months. He hates the cold cement and obviously the wet grass too.

Ready or not here HE comes!!!

So for those of you have not seen me in awhile, I am expecting my 5th child in april. And is't a boy. Even with all of our hopes and Eastons constant praying for a sister, we will now have 4 boys at our house. I told Maddie that it just means we will get better girl nights out, beacause there are only 2 of us. She's still not so sure about that logic, but if you know Maddie, you know she will be a mother hen once he gets here. Lleyton has taken to caring around a doll and Alex is very excited. Easton still wants a "girler" baby, so he says he will borrow Esme and Olivia to play with. Jake has informed me that this has to be it, really how much more can I expect him to work. But after much Prayer and thought on my part I am happy to say that I now feel our family is complete. If you have any boy names throw them my way, we don't think Joseline or Mallory is going to fly for a boy name!! help.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Hauntings

We love going back to our last ward for all their activities. We love the people and feel loved in return.

Easton was being so good not to touch his doughnut

Lleyton was such a cheater. Good thing he is so cute

Jake and the boys on the hayride pulled by....

Maddie and Randall of course, scary!!!

Alex, Jonas, and Easton. Jonas looks like he has had too much Sasparilla.

Lleyton fishing

On Halloween Brecka and Will are always so great to have us all over to eat soup and go trick or treating, in their safe neighborhood. Lleyton was the first to decide to be a pirate this year. He loves Pirates of the Carribean, and he thinks he is a Scurvy Pirate

Easton wanted to be Venom, but that would have made four years of spiderman, so we gentle coaxed him into being a pirate too.

Alex insisted on being a Karate Master

Maddie was easy and said she would be whatever I brought home. She is such a cute pirate too, I just wish she liked having her picture taken

Maddie and Lleyton trick or treating. Jake took Alex, Easton, Max, and Mason all by himself. which was a good thing, we went mighty slow with all the little kids, rain and all. Plus the boys just wanted to go back and scare the Trick or treaters.

Libby, Lleyton and Konnor

Lleyton trick or treating, this was the funnest year ever!!!

Easton showing us his scary teeth, that he is using to scare with. He looks sooo tired.