Monday, February 23, 2009

It's about time!!

I know what a loser it is the last week of february and I barely making my first post of 2009. Life has been crazy at the Garn home and there never seems to be enough time for everything that needs to get done. I will try to update you as best as possible. Alex started basketball in January and got to play with his cousin Max. It was a great learning experience and he all loved having a distraction to get us out of the house on saturdays.

I finally got the boys bathroom repainted and decorated, mine is next, then Lleyton and the babys' room. I have so much to do and only 7 more weeks.

I am getting so excited to see if he will look like Alex and Lleyton or more like Easton. Who by the way is so excited for his brother to get here. He sits by me every night and lets him kick his face. I really hope that they are close, Easton needs someone special to be his buddy. All of our kids are growing so fast. I love seeing their new personalities emerge, but still love looking at old photos the best. Lleyton continues to be defiant about potty training. He is totally in control, some days he does great other days I find his wet underwear all over the house. It has been very frustrating to say the least, ecspecially since Easton and Alex trained so easily and early. But he is the cutest thing and can't help loving him. Last week I caught him playing Maddies D.S. behind the chair. The picture just doesn't do the moment justice. Easton and I were laughing so hard, because he didn't even seem to know that we were watching him or taking pictures, he just kept screaming, "Hot wheels, beat that! "

It is fun to hear him using bigger words and creating phrases with them. He is very much like Alex, he takes absolutely everything in and memorizes commercials and show songs and then repeats them all day.

Well I certainly hope that I find time to post before the baby comes. see ya for now.