Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Mishaps

Well pictures speak volumes don't they. In these first 2 pics. Maddie had to have ear surgery. Her ENT found a Cholestiastoma on her ear drum, very serious and had to be removed immediately. It is like a cancerous tumor in the middle ear. As it grows it kind of secretes a liquid of sorts that breaks down it's surroundings. It was on her bad ear, which was bad news! Dr. Muntz removed it successfully and she now has the worlds smallest prosthetic. They had to replace her "hammer" bone, forget the real name. We were hoping with the repairs that her hearing would improve significantly, but only by about 50%. She is awaiting a second surgery on her left ear this spring, but Dr. Muntz wants to wait until hopefully some of her hearing comes back in the right ear, so that she is not rendered deaf while in recovery. The second picture shows Alex giving her a drink, so sweet. She had to stay overnight in the hospital and lay on her side so that the prosthetic could set properly. It was an unexpected stay since we did not know that extent of the damage until they went in.

The Third pic is of Rykers fat lip caused by a preventable collision with the asphalt. Alex was suppossed to be pushing him in the stroller behind us and we suddenly heard screaming, from Alex, who was trying to get the stroller upright with my then 9 month old baby. Ryker had taken nearly six months to get his front teeth in and it had litterally popped through 3 days prior and in an instant gone! Thats right no longer there, and he has the best smile :( But oh Well we can expect a new one in about 6 years.

The last picture is of Maddie having a sleep study done. Well not really for sleep but they needed her asleep for the test. She had had 2 seizures in one day in April. It was very scary and a very long story. But were a re blessed that she has not had any more and is doing well physically. She is a MIRACLE in every way and a blessing to our family.

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