Sunday, February 27, 2011

Budding Artist

Last spring all of the 2nd graders were asked to draw a picture about Bikes for School, which is an organization that donates a bike to every 2nd grader in underprivledge schools in Utah. Well Alexs' teacher took me aside one day while I was volunteering, and she started to cry. Oh Man! we had been struggling with ADD all year and she had finally had enough. But that wasn't it, she was sooo excited to tell me that Alex had won the contest. She was by far the best teacher ever, really worked hard to accomodate Alexs' needs, love her. Anyways I had to keep it a secret for a long time, finally there was going to be an assembly, and I was thinking it was like there Eagle of the Quarter assembly, and they would just preesent it to him at the end. But NO, the whole school was brought down just to see him get his award. It was a very proud moment for us. Then when every kid got their bike, they also got a t-shirt with his drawing printed on it. He loves to draw and definetly has his Grandpa Gus' talent.

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